Google cloud platform – web hosting

Which product in GCP be the best for your web hosting needs? Read the detailed here.

Summary –

  1. Google Cloud Storage (GCS)  – simplest option for basic sites (especially static HTML). For critical sites, this might not be suitable – dropping files to a bucket to update a site is the not the best solution in production for critical sites.
  2. Google Compute Engine  – if you like to be in control of the infrastructure hosting your site, this is the solution. You need to understand about operating systems, web servers etc. (Infrastructure as a service).
  3.  Google App Engine  – Google takes care of the infrastructure, all you have to do is deploy your app based on a template Google defines. (Platform as a service)
  4. Google Kubernetes Engine – somewhere between Google compute engine and Google App Engine, it uses container technology and building images is easily managed by Google by submitting your Dockerfile.

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